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$0.055 - 0.0725
Hosting Fee($/kWh)
Minimum Units
Setup Fee
No Capacity
Avl. Capacity(MW)
The Pitch

We are the only North American facility to offer both air and immersion hosting solutions for mid to new generation bitcoin miners. Our proprietary and industry leading immersion technology enables customers to significantly extend the life of their miners and achieve ~50% more terahash per machine than in an air cooled environment, ultimately decreasing a miners payback time and significantly increasing customers return on investment.

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Washington State, USA
Power source
Supported Hardware
Minimum Units
Price Range
$0.055 - 0.0725
Setup Fee
Remote Access
Available Capacity
No Capacity
Total Capacity

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Other Mining Farms

farm image -Boxminer, Ohio, USA
Ohio, USA
No Capacity MW Remaining
$0.06 - 0.06
Grid Mix

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